What do we do? – Horizon offers its clients an ideal blend of strategic counsel and tactical results, backed by the personal involvement of the company’s Principal in every aspect of account support…

Horizon is an ideal partner for a company that views its PR agency as a strategic business asset that contributes to bottom-line success. Focusing exclusively on high-tech, Horizon’s Principal has been heralded by BusinessWeek magazine as the ‘Guru of Silicon Valley’ for his unparalleled ability to integrate technology, marketing and the subtle arts of public communications into unique and highly-effective campaigns for his clients.

Companies demand senior-level, intelligent counsel and exceptional results in trade, consumer and business press – Horizon delivers this with the passion and drive that define Silicon Valley. We are very particular about who we work for – our reputation is that we take on only the most innovative companies in their respective markets.


Horizon is also renowned for its international focus, having brought a number of European and Asian startups onto the world stage – many of these startups represent the next-generation of disruptive technologies. Managing time zone challenges are part and parcel of what we provide to our overseas clients and international journalists alike. Horizon has undertaken many worldwide launches for its clients, handling the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Scandinavia through its own exceptionally strong contacts and using Agency partners in the following countries/regions:

Our clients have consistently found us to offer a refreshing change from the ‘churn and burn’ approach taken by most PR agencies towards their clients – and we are respected for it.

Journalists and analysts know that hype is anathema to us – and we are acclaimed for it. We view our role as evangelists integrating the needs of our clients with the best practices and professionalism that journalists despair of ever seeing from any PR firm. This is the value proposition of Horizon and this is what we do.

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