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Why do we succeed? – Horizon has been privileged to be recognized by industry luminaries, current and former clients and peers for its strategic counsel, results and personal touches. The list continues to grow…

“Horizon Communications has a nice-looking and well-designed site, loaded with just the content I’d hope to find as a seeker of public relations help. …I found a nifty guide and I was impressed with the quality of the copy, not to mention all the lush services. It’s easy to read and, to be honest, easy to select Horizon as a PR service provider.”
Jay Conrad Levinson – Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” books (on Ver. 1 of the Horizon website)

“Jonathan is by far the most tireless PR I have ever worked with. He is a genius, a passionate techie with an inspirational approach to PR. That coupled with his energy (I don’t think he sleeps) is what achieves the results that he unfailingly delivers.”
Rebecca Pointer, former client

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